Alternative Scriptwriting: Writing Beyond the Rules


Alternative Scriptwriting: Writing Beyond the Rules

En annorlunda bok som går bortom konventionellt manusskrivande. Tag risker med genrér, struktur, ton, dialog och karaktärer för att upptäcka mer experimentell och personlig form av manusskrivande. Innehåller både europeiska och amerikanska icke-traditionella manusexempel.

Going beyond the conventional three act structure and exploring more inventive approaches, Alternative Scriptwriting challenges readers to take creative risks with genre, tone, character, and structure. It explores mainstream, personal, and experimental narrative forms, surveying both American and international films. In a field where novelty often equals commercial success, scriptwriters frequently strive to create screenplays that are innovative and exceptional.

Alternative Scriptwriting links scriptwriting to other forms of storytelling, and discusses issues including the three act structure, working with and against genre, character identification, and the implications of screenplay form. Key issues, examples, and case studies demonstrate what works, what doesn't, and why. Exercises encourage writers to explore new ways of viewing their work and to test the limits of their skills.

Förlag: Focal Press Focal Press
Sidor: 382
Språk: Engelska
ISBN-10: 0240804775
ISBN-13: 9780240804774
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