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Annonsera på Voodoo Film (Svenska)

Advertise with Voodoo Film in order to reach a unique group of young filmmakers up to an age of about 28 years in Sweden. Voodoo Film is the home of more than 18,000 members.

Banner formats


Panorama 980 x 120

Panorama is the most popular format because it's the most visible. The banner is placed above the content on all pages and is the first thing a visitor will see. Choose this format if you don't want the visitors to miss your message and you want to build familiarity.

4,900 SEK per week


Rectangle 300 x 250

Rectangular shape banner that is placed in the right column. The rectangle is also visible in news and articles. This format is somewhat less visible than Panorama, but have a higher click ratio. Use this format if you want to receive a a lot of visitors to your homepage with a limited budget.

3,900 SEK per week

Text formats


Text ad

Text ads are perfect if you have a limited budget or want to advertise quickly. Write a headline (max 30 words) and a short text (max 150 words) and we'll link the text ad to a homepage of your choosing. The text ad is visible on all pages.

3,900 SEK per week

Sponsored news article

Sponsored news article

Write your own news article on Voodoo Film and have it published on the site and in the newsletter. The sponsored news article is also indexed by search engines. A sponsored news article is perfect if you want to have more room to describe your product or services in more detail. We recommend that you write about 200 to 500 words in order to fit into Voodoo Films format. All sponsored news articles are labeled with "Sponsored content" ("Sponsrat innehåll" in Swedish) and the name of the advertiser. Sponsored news articles are published during two years. Although we can accept English articles, Swedish is strongly preferred because of our audience.

11,900 SEK per article

25% VAT is not included in the price. Voodoo Film is based in Sweden (within EU).


  • More than 18,000 members
  • 75% men
  • 21 years mean age
  • Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö most common cities
  • 15,000 visitors/month
  • 50,000 page views/month
  • 1 min 53 sec per visit
  • 2,4 pages/visit

Banner specifications

  • Max file size: 100 KB
  • Sound: must be activated by the user (no autostart)
  • Images: gif, png, jpg
  • HTML: for ad-tracking or text ads
  • We use the nofollow attribute on text ads.

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