The Five C's Of Cinematography


The Five C's Of Cinematography

The Five C's of Cinematography is one of the three most important books on cinematic technique ever published -- American Cinematographer
Mr. Mascelli provides the attentive reader with the equivalent of a complete course in filmmaking. -- New York Times

The Five C's is the most widely respected book on cinematography ever published. With the aid of hundreds of photographs and diagrams, it clearly and concisely presents al of the essential concepts and techniques of motion picture camera work.

Used copies of this timeless, long-out-of-print volume, which was first published in 1965, have been fetching hundreds of dollars per copy from students and teachers of cinematography and filmmaking. Now it is published for the first time in a paperback edition.

The five C's, and some of the related subjects this book covers, are:

Camera Angles -- Objective, Subjective, Point-of-View, Subject Size, Subject Angle, Camera Height

Continuity -- Cinematic Time and Space, Filming Action, Master Scenes, Screen Direction, Transitional Devices

Cutting -- Types of Editing, Cross-Cutting, Cutting on Action

Close-ups -- Over-the-Shoulder, Cut-in, Cutaway

Composition -- Compositional Rules, Compositional Language, Types of Balance, Attracting or Switching the Center of Interest.

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