"Roll Sound!": A Practical Guide for Location Audio


"Roll Sound!": A Practical Guide for Location Audio

Today's up and coming fast-paced media professionals work in an environment where the need for immediate results equates to professionalism.

This book, "ROLL SOUND!", A Practical Guide for Location Audio, provides a shortcut to years of work experience in an easy-to-read format that reveals inside production information at your finger tips. A sub-text for this book could crudely be, "Buy this book, it can save your ass!" and is justifiably true. By reading, understanding and applying the principles discussed within the book, the student or engineer with any level of experience, can work themselves out of a critical situation with a better understanding for future prevention. "ROLL SOUND!", is based on 30 years of actual production setups and locations from various sound mixers and audio assistants for National and International movies, commercials, episodics, music videos, sports and news programming, television based variety shows and more.

This book provides first-hand knowledge of location sound production for novices and intermediates, who want to begin, fortify or expand their audio engineering career. "ROLL SOUND!", depicts real-life setups using never before published graphic illustrations and production sheets for film, video and television.

"ROLL SOUND!", is an easy-to-read, auto-technical manual on location sound production with invaluable tips, notes and warnings located throughout its pages. Book highlights include: 25 plus expanded equipment connection views, over 15 graphical production layouts, and over 20 detailed line sheets. "ROLL SOUND!" is an invaluable production too, that every media student or professional should own!

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