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Ginos detektivbyrå

Detektivbyrån där kommunikation är A och O

We are introduced to Gino's Detective Agency. Gino gives us an insight into the detective industry and basic lessons on how to become Sweden's best detective. We will follow Detective Gino who gets hired by a client that suspects his wife cheating on him...

  • Alex Fatehnia
  • 2018
  • Stockholm
  • 267
  • Komedi
Om filmskaparna

Gino's Detective Agency is a Swedish mocumentary recorded in Stockholm in 2018. We would like to thank all the participants and our partners who contributed to the production. Gino's Detective Agency is a film production aiming to be a mini-series providing exceptional entertainment value. Our hope is that you want to see more of Gino's Detective Agency and contribute by sharing the pilot on Youtube and rating us on IMDB. For more info or interest in further involvement in the project, please contact www.ginosdetektivbyra.com

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